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This list includes the cast members who were in the final episodes of the show. You can click on the actors' names to view pictures. However, please do not take any of the pictures without my permission.

Character Actor/Actress
Michael Bourne Jason George
Jude Cavanaugh Sean Kanan
Hank Cummings John Martin
Joan Cummings Carol Potter
Sara Cummings Shawn Batten
Emily Davis Cristi Ellen Harris
A.J. Deschanel Gordon Thomson
Cole Deschanel Eddie Cibrian
Annie Douglas-Richards Sarah Buxton
Dr. Estrada Ana Auther
Ben Evans Clive Robertson
Benjy Evans Chase Parker
Meg Evans Susan Ward
Lena Hart Mariann Aalda
Vanessa Hart Sherri Saum
Bette Katzenkazrahi Kathleen Noone
Tess Marin Tracy Melchior
Gabi Martinez Priscilla Garita
Casey Mitchum Timothy Adams
Mrs. Moreau Joyce Guy
Brad Niklaus Michael Strickland
Amy Nielsen Krissy Carlson
Caitlin Richards-Deschanel Kam Heskin
Gregory Richards Sam Behrens
Olivia Richards Lesley-Anne Down
Sean Richards Randy Spelling
(Dr.) Tyus Robinson Russell Curry
Officer Oscar Ruiz Andre Khabbazi
(Father) Antonio Torres Nick Kiriazis
Madame Carmen Torres Margarita Cordova
Maria Torres Christina Chambers
Ricardo Torres Hank Cheyne
Tim Truman Dax Griffin

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Note: All of the pictures are from NBC, Soap Opera Digest, Soap Opera Magazine, Soaps In Depth, Soap Opera Weekly, Soap Opera Update, other sources (that are mentioned on the photo pages), or me. Please do not take anything without my permission. Thanks!