Daydream Tour '97 Narrative

Basketball Game

The basketball game was quite fun. It was very entertaining to see various soap stars attempt to play (most of their attempts were good!). Some of the celebrities in attendance were: Austin Peck (Austin), Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira), and James Reynolds (Abe) from "Days of Our Lives," Sherri Saum (Venessa), Jason George (Michael), Laura Harring (Paula), and Priscilla Garita (Gabi) from "Sunset Beach," and Amy Carlson (Josie), Mark Mortimer (Nick), Tim Gibbs (Gary), and Dahlia Salem (Sofia) from "Another World." Everyone in the audience loved Austin Peck, but he never came close enough to take a picture with me. Oh well. No big loss. I did get a picture with James Reynolds though, which you will find in the "Days Daydream Tour Picture Page."


On Saturday, I went to the mall to meet some more stars. I waited in line for 3 hours to meet four of them. I had wanted to meet Jensen Ackles (Eric) and Jason George, but a whole slew of people cut in the front of the line. I took pictures of them instead. I ended up meeting Mark Mortimer, Sarah Buxton (Annie, "Sunset Beach"), Eddie Cibrian (Cole, "Sunset Beach"), and Steve Wilder (Jack, "Days of Our Lives"). I thought Mark was very cute, even though I don't watch "Another World." Sarah seemed very sweet; the opposite of her "Sunset Beach" character. She noticed that I had the Days of Our Lives book in my hand. Surprisingly, she asked me if that was the bible for "Days of Our Lives." I told her "I guess you could think of it that way." I thought that was a funny take on the book. I asked her if she wanted to see it and she happily agreed. Then my sister and I took a picture with Sarah and Mark. That picture is in the "Mixed/Group Pictures Page." Next we met Eddie Cibrian. He seemed nice, but I didn't talk to him much. I just introduced myself. We took a picture with him too. That one is in the "Sunset Beach Picture Page." After Eddie, we met Steve Wilder. Steve wasn't talkative either, but he was very photogenic. I thought that picture turned out well. You can see it in the "Days of Our Lives Picture Page."

The next group of stars to come consisted of Bryan Datillo (Lucas, "Days"), Nick Stabile (former Mark, "Sunset Beach"), Dahlia Salem (Sofia, "Another World"), and Tim Gibbs (Gary, "Another World"). I didn't get to meet any of them, but I did manage to take pictures. After much perserverence, I caught Bryan's attention by calling out his name many times. He posed for a couple of pictures for me, which I thought was very sweet of him. Those pictures are in the "Days of Our Lives Picture Page." Later on, a bomber jacket was raffled off. Bryan was chosen to call out names from entry forms until a winner was found. He did a very good job with that, expecially since he couldn't pronounce all of the names. Bryan even modeled the jacket. He made a comment about it though - "Stop looking at my butt!" Of course, he was being humorous, which is a side that his character of Lucas doesn't show very often. I think it was Bryan who said that Sami should be put in a straight jacket and be institutionalized. All in all, I thought Bryan was the most entertaining person there.


On Sunday, I managed to go to the mall again. I got a glimpse of Tanya Boyd (Celeste, "Days") and Eddie Cibrian from the second floor of the mall. From my point of view, Tanya looks different in person. Her skin looks darker than on TV, for example. When those two left, 3 more stars came in. Susan Ward (Meg, "Sunset Beach"), Hank Cheyne (Ricardo, "Sunset Beach"), and Ali Sweeney (Sami, "Days") arrived to interact with the audience. I didn't meet any of them either, but I took pictures again. Peter Reckell came late, but he signed some autographs for those people that were eagerly waiting in line. Everyone cheered for him, but he didn't appeal to me.


Anyway, that is about all I can say about the Daydream Tour. I'm really glad that their first stop was in Tucson. I feel privilaged to have seen so many soap stars in person; I just wish I could have met them all. Enjoy the other segments of this site!

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