Posting Board Party Weekend 2002

Woo hoo, my second Buffy the Vampire Slayer Posting Board Party! This year I was looking forward to meeting many Bronzers whom I have talked to in the past year, as well as saying my hellos to random VIPs. I was able to attend events in addition to the esteemed PBP, including the pre-party, a brunch with Amberholics, and a signing at Dangerous Visions.

Friday night was filled with first time meetings and re-meetings of fellow Bronzers. Words cannot truly express how awesome it is to meet face-to-face people whom you have only talked to online. I loved it when I would introduce myself to a Bronzer and they would say "You're singsinthecar?!? Hi!" before giving me a hug. My sister Tiffany and I actually got there early, so we were waiting in the hotel for other people to arrive. We first saw a group of Bronzers including AngelRachel, Little Willow, Dirty Socks, greenlion, Princess of Darkness, and her mother. It was cool to see AngelRachel and Little Willow again, and to meet greenlion and Princess of Darkness for the first time. I knew who greenlion was right when she walked up to me, and we hugged. We made our way to the party where I first met Yummy. She was a bit more shy in person, but we chatted a little anyway. Tiffany and I then entered ourselves into a few of the raffles that were taking place that night; I actually ended up winning a script for the second part of the season 6 opener, "Bargaining Part 2," signed by David Fury. It was very cool! I also met Kitty and Candy from the Buffy/Angel Internet Radio Show, Succubus Club. I went up to them and introduced myself, and they knew me right away from my screen name. We hugged and I praised their show about the Buffy musical episode done with a Mystery Science Theater theme. I also met for the first time greeneyes, AjO, Mia, SlayerSteph, ShyGirl, amberlynne, white wings, Prince of Lunacy, tiggy, paksenarrion, DeAn, Ergoshakes, Kestra Troi, Hollyn, and others, which was awesome. We took pictures together and chatted briefly. I even attempted to dance, first with AjO, Dirty Socks, Hollyn, Kiba Rika (I think), and Tiffany to A-ha's "Take On Me" and then later on to some random song with a group of people including Little Willow. That night was definitely a time to have fun in a party setting and just concentrate on meeting other fan friends. Pictures were taken, words were exchanged, and crazy dancing took place at the four-hour long pre-party.

The following day was event-filled; it started off with the Amberholics Brunch at Mel's Diner. About 23 people gathered to enjoy a meal together, which started off with AngelRachel introducing every person to everyone else, and ended with the attendees parting for the afternoon. Tiffany and I decided to attend an autograph signing with about 10 of the people from the brunch. We had a fun shuttle-type ride with a very cool driver to Dangerous Visions where Adam Busch (Warren), Danny Strong (Jonathan), and Tom Lenk (Andrew), as well as Nancy Holder, Jeff Mariotte, and Maryelizabeth Hart (Buffy novel writers) would be.

While we waited for the shuttle and the others, Tiffany and I chilled in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel. We chatted with Kitty and Candy about random topics. Bronzers Elusio, ladymuck, and Cate joined us for a few minutes before it was time to go.

We got to the store, and waited about a half hour before the guests arrived and fans began to meet the actors and writers. Adam was sitting at the end; we met him first. When I first got up to him, he politely introduced himself and we shook hands. He also introduced me to his bandmate of Common Rotation, Eric Kufs. I honestly didn't know what to say to either of them, but I had just bought the Common Rotation CD, and had it in my hand, so Adam offered to sign it for me. He then passed it onto Eric to sign before I thanked them and said it was nice to meet them. I took a picture with Adam, Danny, and Tom before moving on to talk to Danny. I walked behind the table and asked Tom to come over...Danny actually asked me, "You want Tom?!?" I tried to be funny with my, "That's the wrong question to ask..." but I don't think anyone got my question. Nonetheless, we took our picture together and I went back around the table to talk to Danny. I had met Danny at last year's PBP where he had jokingly asked me to marry him after I commented on our similar height. I reminded him of this incident, and he asked me what my reply was. When I told him that I answered, "We'll see," he said, "Oh, why not?" I told him sarcastically, "It's a commitment thing," to which he replied something like, "Oh, I have that problem, too." Sometime after, I asked Danny what I would get out of the marriage, and Adam chimed in with a similar question. The rest of the conversation is a bit of a blur to me, but I do remember Danny looking at me before I left and asking me, "Will you at least think about it some more?" I told him, "sure" before I walked away. I next came to Tom where I introduced myself and had him sign my book. I really didn't know what to say to him either, so I just left to join my friends hanging out at one end of the store. I actually didn't notice Nancy, Jeff, and Maryelizabeth at first, but as we hung around the store I decided to get their attention. I introduced myself to Jeff and Maryelizabeth, told them how much Tiffany and I love reading the novels, and they thanked us. I then asked if I could take a picture of them and if they could sign my book. They happily obliged, and then passed the book on to Nancy. When Nancy wasn't busy, we took a picture with her as well, and told her how we loved the books she writes. After that we stuck around for another couple hours, chatting a little with Eric, listening to a live performance by Adam and Eric, and randomly talking amongst ourselves.

We got our shuttle ride back to the hotel, and Tiffany and I walked back to ours. As we walked, I happened to look to the side towards the traffic. To my surprise, there was a woman waving at me from a car! I smiled and waved back, then realized that she was Maryelizabeth! I didn't think that we'd see her and Jeff in the middle of traffic; it was one of those coincidental surreal experiences.

A little before 6 pm that night, Tiffany and I walked over to the American Legion Hall to join the line of Bronzers who were waiting to get inside. It was around 6:15 when people were allowed to go in, and we slowly made our way inside. We weren't allowed to get any food yet, so Tiffany and I stood around in the room with the auction and raffle items and the computers. While there, we ran into Maryelizabeth and Jeff. We talked about the wave from the car, and apparently they knew that they were going the right way when they saw us walking down the street. Furthermore, Maryelizabeth said that she told Jeff "we'd remember Heather, but not anyone else, from the signing." I smiled at that, and then re-introduced Tiffany to them. We then had some small talk about their store in San Diego, their second grade son, the 100-days activities with Pokemon and their son, my volunteering and 100-days experiences, current creative school curriculum, and other little things. When there was a lull in the conversation, Tiffany and I decided that we were going to get some food. Maryelizabeth and Jeff were going to stick around for a couple hours before driving home to their kids, but we said our good-byes and "nice seeing you again's" before we parted.

Tiffany and I headed straight for the food next because we hadn't had dinner yet. We ended up standing at a table with Little Willow, AngelRachel, and Dirty Socks to eat our meal. As we ate, SlayerSteph came by to interview Bronzers for a local cable entertainment channel - we all decided that Little Willow would be the one to talk on camera. She gave a great interview; Little Willow is definitely good in front of the camera I can't wait to see what the future has in store for her!

While we finished eating, someone from above caught Tiffany's eye. She poked me and motioned me to look up to the second floor where Candy and Kitty were trying to take pictures of us. Dirty Socks, Tiffany, and I looked up and smiled for the camera. Then they started to pose for pictures as if they were royalty. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was enjoying snapping pictures of this scene.

I next ran into another Bronzer, Lester 'Creep' Crawley. We didn't get to meet last year, so we made sure to take a picture together this year. I also happened to catch Dunlin in her vinyl outfit. We too took our picture together for the first time. After that I found SpookyMagoo; I introduced myself to her because we had chatted once, and we have a mutual friend. Tiffany and I ended up talking to her, AjO, and Lady Wolfsbane as they ate their dinner.

As we were wrapping up our chat, a large crowd started to form next to us. It turns out that Robia La Morte (Jenny Calendar) had arrived and people wanted to meet her. Not wanting to get lost in the crowd, we moved out of the way and parted. I ended up meeting DK, a member of We talked for a few minutes before I decided to walk around the party more. I tried to wait to talk to Jane Espenson, but I grew impatient. I figured I would get to talk to her later (even though I didn't get to). We ran into other Bronzers, including greenlion, tiggy, and belmont.

A few minutes later, the sounds of Common Rotation (the band Adam Busch is in) came from the stage. Tiffany and I rushed over to dance along to the wonderful sounds of the band. Common Ro provided an unforgettable and energetic show! We definitely want to see them perform again. Towards the end of their set, Danny Strong and Tom Lenk ran onstage to end a song.

Four Star Mary arrived on stage to play for the attendees next. They sang familiar songs that Tiffany and I sang and danced to. We decided to mingle some more as the band continued to play in the background. Tiffany wanted to check out the silent auctions, so we walked back to that room. As I waited for her, I ran into Robia La Morte. She was walking towards me, so I briefly stopped her and asked if I could take a picture with her. She happily obliged and then walked away.

When I turned around to look for Tiffany I spotted writer Steve DeKnight with a group of fans. I wanted to talk to him again (I met him last year and I talked to him at last year's San Diego Comic-Con), so I waited my turn. At one point, he happened to look in my direction and locked eyes with me. I smiled and his eyes widened in recognition as he smiled back. As we were standing near him, a PBP Committee photographer wanted a picture, so Tiffany and I joined a group of other Bronzers including Miss Dark Kiss and Hollyn in a picture with Steve. When I got my chance to talk to Steve we said our hellos and asked how the other was doing. Then I told him about an online shout-out that tiggy and I have for each other because of what he said on the Succubus Club (when Steve was on the show, he had said, "Ahhh...singsinthecar..."). He laughed, and then I asked him to write a message in the notebook I brought with me. I watched him write, and then when he wrote down something about seeing me at this year's comic-con, I told him, disappointedly, that I can't go because I'll be in the UK for summer school. He enthusiastically told me to go, and I said I would. We then took a picture together and said our good-byes. Before we completely left the room, I recognized names on two Bronzers' nametags; I got to meet Miss Dark Kiss and Lilyana.

Tiffany and I wandered back towards the stage before the Make-A-Wish Foundation check presentation. We saw crowds of people around various VIPs including Alexis Denisof, but thought there were too many people to wait for. It was soon time for the VIPs to get on stage. As show creator Joss Whedon gave his speech, I snapped pictures of everyone on the stage. I was happy to see people from both shows that I had never seen in person before, such as Amy Acker (Fred), Alyson Hannigan (Willow), and Mark Lutz (Groosalug).

After this portion of the night, Andy Hallett (Lorne) took the stage. He sang some songs to the amusement of many Bronzers. Tiffany and I walked around the party again; we managed to catch Eric Kufs. He seemed to recognize us from earlier that day, as he smiled and greeted us with "Hey guys!" We told him that they had a great show. After we took our pictures with him, Tiffany talked to Eric about guitars before he had to leave.

Then we looked at everyone around us because VIPs were beginning to walk up the stairs from the lounge area. We saw Bailey Chase, so we went up to him and said hi. We told him that we met him last year, and he said, "Yeah, you had me sign that thing." We knew what he was talking about, and confirmed it. We then asked him what he's been up to, and he told us that he's been in a couple of TV shows and a film, but now he's trying to find another job. I told him that he'll find one because he's very good, and he thanked me. Before we left, we took a couple pictures with him.

After that, we saw Adam Busch a few feet away. When he finally saw us, he was like, "Hey! I've spent all day with you guys!" I smiled and commented on that, and then he asked if we were coming to the show the following night. I told him that we can't because we had to drive back home, but did say that they were awesome with that night's performance. We took pictures with Adam as well, even when he was having trouble figuring out when the camera was actually finished taking the picture.

We stayed in that same area and I ran into greeneyes again. We took a picture together. I also ran into Lazarus Prime and Double Prime and they took a picture of greeneyes and me. After that, my goal was to get to Amber Benson (Tara). I was on a birthday-related mission.

Tiffany and I walked around until I ran into DeAn again. He knew that I wanted to see Amber, so he told me that she was on the dance floor signing autographs. We all walked down there together and saw a very large crowd. As we waited near the slew of fans, I happened to catch Ergoshakes again. We took a picture together, and then decided to say our good-byes then because it was about an hour away from the end of the party. I then turned my attention back to the mob around Amber. I kept noticing how when a person left the area after meeting her, people would crowd around her more. I made comments about giving her more space, but they didn't have any effect. I felt ashamed to be a part of this large crowd, but I wanted to get something signed for a fellow Amberholic. After about 45 minutes of standing near Amber, making sure we didn't get stepped on or pushed by fellow fans, Amber caught sight of us. She shouted, "It's my girls!" as she smiled. We finally got in front of Amber and she said to us, "It's the Lo sisters!" I smiled at her, and then prepared myself to accomplish my task. I first gave her a letter that I was carrying; it was from Teresa, one of Amber's fans. I told her who it was from, then showed her a picture of the two of them with Nicholas Brendon (Xander) from a convention in Florida last year. I added that when Teresa had told her that she was trying to go to film school, Amber had said that that was "****ing awesome." Amber remembered her and the fact that Teresa had written her "the nicest letter." I replied with "Yeah, so she got in [to film school]." Amber smiled, then signed the picture of them so I could send it to Teresa as a surprise birthday present. I then asked Amber if she was going to go to this year's comic-con (so I could lead into telling her about my summer plans). She said that she wasn't sure because they haven't sent out the invitations. I then proceeded to tell Amber that I can't go because I'm going to summer school in Cambridge. Amber immediately became happy for me; she smiled and held her palm out as she said, "Gimme five! That ****in' rocks!" then promptly got embarassed and excused herself. I gave her five and then Tiffany and I took a couple pictures with her before we made our way out of the crowd.

It was almost time for the party to end, so we started to walk out. We saw that people were taking pictures with Mark Lutz, so we waited our turn and took pictures with him. It was extremely dark, so we didn't ask him to sign anything for us. In fact, we really didn't say anything to him either because it all happened so fast!

After our encounter with Mark, we went back to the computer room to look for some Amberholics to say good-bye to. I saw Little Willow, so I took out the picture Amber signed for Teresa, and proudly showed it to her. Little Willow was excited for me, and I was excited for Teresa! Before the party officially ended, I took pictures with AngelRachel and KAM. I also heard someone shout out my name - Forever Faith greeted me. Then we slowly walked out and headed back towards our respective hotels. We all said our good-byes and hugged to close out the night. I couldn't believe how six hours had passed so quickly! I truly had a enjoyble evening. It was so nice to meet and remeet Bronzers and VIPs alike. The weekend proved to be memorable, and I can't wait for the next Bronzer meet-up.

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