October 1998 Fun Facts

From October 2

No fun fact.

From October 9

Alyson Hannigan has two tattoos. She has black tribal dolphins on her ankle and a kanji (for luck and happiness) on her lower back.

From October 16

On Halloween 1997, the Buffy cast and crew were filming "Ted." Most of them came to work in costume - Kristine Sutherland dressed as Ted's first wife, and Sarah Michelle Gellar came as Dorothy (from The Wizard of Oz) with her dog Thor as Toto.

From October 23

Charisma Carpenter's most embarrassing moment while on the set:
"Kissing Xander for the first time on 'What's My Line, Part II.' When we pulled back there was this big string of saliva between us. That was pretty embarrassing and they got it on film. So it's going to be used to torture us, I'm sure, over and over and over again. And, actually, I think it's used by The WB Network to promote our show, because they do these small little bios to advertise. There's a clip in there of that and it's kind of funny. So I think for people that watch the show or tune in between...before and after the show, there's usually advertisements that go on for the show and they'll show that. They can see what I'm talking about."

From October 30

In "Prophecy Girl," the Hellmouth demon (that came out in the library) wasn't created by a computer. There was a person inside each tentacle making it move.

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