November 1999 Fun Facts

From November 5

Alyson Hannigan is on the cover of the December/January issue of CosmoGIRL! magazine.

From November 12

The case of "art imitating life" is not true for Alyson Hannigan - she is certainly not like Willow when it comes to computers. Alyson says "I wouldn't be able to hack into anything." As for the Internet, Alyson adds, "I'm pretty much like, 'Uh, engine, go.'"

From November 19

Emma Caulfield (Anya) was on Beverly Hills, 90210 as Brandon's girlfriend, Susan.

From November 26

In response to the question, "What roles would you like to play?", Charisma Carpenter says "You know, a nice girl. The girl that gets the guy. A romantic comedy would be great. I think I have a knack for that."

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