March 1998 Fun Facts

From March 6

Alyson Hannigan collects beanie babies. Her current collection of 46 includes Bongo and a bear (from Sarah Michelle Gellar), among many others. Her only problem is finding a place to keep them out of the reach of her dog, who would like to tear their heads off.

From March 13

Charisma Carpenter (Cordelia) and Susan Ward (Meg, Sunset Beach) are best friends. They met in New York at an audition for a part on Another World. Neither actress got the part, so they went their separate ways. Soon after, Susan went to LA to try out for a part on Malibu Shores. Coincidentally, Charisma was also testing for a role on the show. They both received parts on the short-lived TV series, and have been friends ever since.

From March 20

Anthony Stewart Head occasionally watches soap operas. He tunes into Sunset Beach and Young and the Restless. He's also seen "some woman with very odd teeth" (Days of Our Lives' Susan). He comically adds, "What's going on with her?"

From March 27

Nicholas Brendon likes to be called Nicholas when it concerns business. But, he thinks Nicky is "more fitting" because he is a "casual guy."

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