March 2001 Fun Facts

From March 2

The multi-talented Amber Benson has written a screenplay for a movie. She plans to produce, direct, and act in it.

From March 9

As I mentioned last week, Amber Benson is in the process of making an independent movie. Some familiar Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel faces in the movie include Andy Hallett and Jeff Ricketts.

From March 16

Amber Benson starts filming her independent movie, Chance, tomorrow (March 17)!

From March 23

Chance, the title character of Amber Benson's in-progress independent movie, will be played by Amber herself!

From March 30

Amber Benson cites two of her favorite singers as Jeff Buckley and Ryan Adams.

Learn more about Amber's independent movie at Chance and at

{ Chance }

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