June 1998 Fun Facts

From June 5

Sarah Michelle Gellar celebrated her 21st birthday by spending a day at Disneyland with her friends. They got passes that allowed them to cut to the front of the lines for the rides.

From June 12

As quoted by Nicholas Brendon (Xander): "My whole resume is pretty much a lie," he said. "I did one day on 'Young and the Restless' and then, of course, I put on my resume 'recurring' because it looks better. And now I've gone from that to being a regular. So it's out of control. So this is pretty much the first thing that I've done."

From June 19

One of Sarah Michelle Gellar's first TV shows was one entitled Girl Talk, in which she was a regular hostess.

From June 26

The guy who portrayed Owen in "Never Kill A Boy on the First Date" (sorry, I don't know his real name) is in the current Coors Light commercial.

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