December 2001 Fun Facts

From December 7

Anthony Stewart Head is releasing a CD with George Sarah (formerly of the group THC, who appeared on the show). You can get more information at Music for Elevators.

From December 14

When Nicholas Brendon proposed to his fiance, he says he, "sang a song we like--it's called 'And We Danced,' by Mark Paisley." Nicholas adds that, "In the song, he takes a diamond ring out of his pocket, and I did, and she cried, and we were engaged."

From December 21

No fun fact.

From December 28

The movie, Can't Hardly Wait featured the acting talents of Seth Green, Paige Moss (Veruca), Clea DuVall (Marcie), Eric Balfour (Jesse), and Christopher Wiehl (Owen).

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