Site Specifics

Welcome to my web site dedicated to Buffy the Vampire Slayer! The initial purpose of this web site was to share my experiences of meeting cast and crew members (of both Buffy and Angel) with other fans. However, this site wouldn't be updated very often if I didn't create other areas to explore. Therefore, I decided to include areas involving classic Buffy humor, my favorite couple (Tara and Willow), and some randomness. Enjoy and come back often!

Area Descriptions

Apocalyptic Autographs: scans of the autographs I've collected from various cast and crew members

Crazy Candids: pictures of cast and crew members at different events I've attended

Captivating Clubs: different Buffy-related Internet clubs I'm a member of

Guarded Goods: list of things from the show that I am a virtual keeper or guardian of

Former Friday Fun Facts: archive of my Friday Fun Facts organized by month and year

Rockin' Remarks: a collection of humorous one-liners and conversations from the show

Tofu Talk: a twist on scenes from various episodes with the word "tofu" strategically substituted in the dialog

Witchy Worship: the area of this site dedicated to Tara and Willow

Pretty Print: a letter of mine (regarding a Danny Strong interview) that got printed in a national magazine

Lovely Linkage: links to other Buffy-related web sites that I visit

Gratuitous Gratitude: thank yous that I owe to others

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