Gratuitous Gratitude

First of all, I must thank Joss Whedon, the ruler of my Buffy World, for creating a show that has lovable characters, excellent storylines, drama, humor, and action. Along with the multitalented writers, cast, and crew, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and Angel) is constantly impressing me and entertaining viewers.

I would next like to thank my fellow Bronzers. I began posting at the The Bronze (The Official Buffy Posting Board) in November of 2000, and now post at The Bronze Beta. I received a warm welcome and have been posting there ever since. The annual Posting Board Party even allows Bronzers to meet each other in person. I was able to go in February 2001, and again in February 2002. I am looking forward to more gatherings in the future so I can meet and re-meet those I have posted with.

Next I want to thank my fellow Amberholics. At The Essence of Amber Forum, we post to each other daily about Tara, Amber Benson, and anything else that comes to mind. I am happy to say that they have become part of my online circle of friends who are from all over the world. (You can learn more about Amberholics here.)

Lastly, I want to extend thanks to two people who helped me with the more technical aspects of this site - Mike and Little Willow. Whenever he was able to, Mike was always willing to help me with anything related to the Internet. Little Willow is also a valuable resource who I am proud to call a friend. She helped me to understand various aspects of web site development and answered any questions I had.

Thank you everyone, I truly appreciate it.

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