April 2001 Fun Facts

From April 6

Kindly answering my questions today at the Buffy Posting Board, Steve DeKnight, a writer for the show, had the following to say:

Steve's Writin' Work Schedule: Get up, eat, write, eat some more, curse my spastic brain, write, go to bed. Dream of eating. Seriously, we gather in the office pretty much Mon - Fri. for eight or nine hours a day. We break stories, laugh until we puke, then head home. If we're actually writing a script, most of us work at home for about a week until it's done. Then we come back to the office for more laughs (and puke).

Show hiatus is starting soon. Ep. 22 wraps end of next week, then most people disappear.

From April 13

No fun fact.

From April 20

Alyson Hannigan was in the 1996 movie For My Daughter's Honor with Nicolle Tom and Sara Rue. Her character was Kelly, a friend of Tom's character.

From April 27

Amber Benson wrote a Willow and Tara comic book titled WannaBlessedBe. It came out last week!

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